Customer Testimonials

Thanks Sherry. I put the Steady Rollator Carrier on the back of my truck and loaded my son’s walker on it. I was amazed how efficient it is. I drove over railroad tracks, speed bumps, and I’m not a slow driver. The walker stayed put.


Hartford, CT

Sherry you saved my back from having to lift my walker and put it into the trunk of my car.



Mrs. Steady, thanks a million for your quick response to my problem. You are a life saver.


Colorado Springs, CO

Sherry, before I had your Carrier for my walker, I fell several times trying to get my walker into the trunk of my car. I am very limited to what I can do and where I can go. I have Lou Gehrig’s disease and limited time. I figured out how to tilt the walker on the front wheels and lower the back wheels into the V’s. Then all I had to do was push my walker forward. Thank you for giving me back my life.


Washington State University

My three wheel walker rides perfect on your wheel chair carrier. Thank you.



Love the way the carrier works on my little red car.